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About Buzios

Armação dos Búzios, often referred to as just Búzios, is a resort town and a municipality located in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In 2012, its population consisted of 23,463 inhabitants and its area of 69 km².

Originally settled by European pirates and slave traders, this happy mixture of many bloods prospered and became a picturesque fishing village, elected one of the 10 most beautiful areas in the world, famous for its unique combination of rustic charm, architectural harmony, incredible beauty and sophisticated boutiques and restaurants frequented by discerning visitors who come from all over the world to savior its magic.

Buzios Beaches

With more than 20 magnificent beaches and crystal-clear water, Buzios has some of the most beautiful beaches in the World. Some of them are by amazing Cliffs, others among palm trees on a beautiful setting. Most of our Villas are waterfront or oceanfront, and you can be at a beach in a couple minutes walk. If you want your Villa by some particular beach, take a look at the Villas to see which beach is nearby the Villa you are looking for, or just get in touch with us and we can let you you know the exact position of the Villa you want.

Buzios Nightlife

Buzios offer many options for night life entertainment. Rua das Pedras alone offers Restaurants, Live Music, Themed Bars, Ice Cream Places, Stores, Arcade Games, Art Galleries… there’s something for everyone so you can be entertained every single night, without having to do the same thing twice.

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