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Our Luxury Villas are perfect for Honeymoon, vacation or romantic getaway!

Our retreats are located in some of the best locations in the north coast of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Though each villa offers their own unique and intimate settings, all of them have impeccable and comfortable accommodations with the most amazing views ever seen before.

To ensure a flawless vacation with every visit, our staff excels in a singular ability to anticipate your every need, and to exceed your every expectation. Every villa is the most spacious and is masterfully juxtaposed in a harmonious dance among every tree. Buzios Villas is the perfect setting of pure serenity, utmost privacy, and unrivaled luxury.

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If you are looking for an exclusive retreat at the beautiful city of Buzios in Brazil, we have exactly what you need! Our Villas are hand-picked, so we can make sure you have the absolute best stay possible. Take a look at our villas below:

Buzios, the Magical Brazilian Retreat

Armação dos Búzios, or just Buzios, as its commonly know as, is a magical place off of the coast of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil that was originally settled by European pirates and slave traders and now it is known as a idyllic retreat with it's unique combination of rustic charm, architectural harmony, incredible beauty and sophisticated boutiques and restaurants frequented by discerning visitors who come from all over the world to savior its magic.

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Direct Number / WhatsApp:
+1 (954) 605-0234
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